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In October 2014, to public outcry, the Canadian-Pacific Railway company bulldozed a section of a protected urban landscape in Montreal, called Le Champ des Possibles, or the field of possibilities. In 2006, the City of Montreal had purchased this oddly-shaped parcel of space, a terrain formed initially through the construction of the trans-continental railway and the St-Louis Rail Yard, active here for seventy-five years.

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Speak2Tweet: Archiving the Egyptian Revolution?

Since the Egyptian revolution, visual artist and activist Heba Amin has worked to rescue the January-February 2011 recordings from Speak2Tweet, which she believes assembles “a unique archive of the collective psyche.” To help keep this archive alive, Heba has created several films juxtaposing Speak2Tweet voice messages and their translation with footage she shot of partially constructed buildings and infrastructure abandoned by the Mubarak regime.

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Social Practice on Fogo Island

From January 25th to April 25th of 2014 I engaged in an experience-based research phase of a curatorial residency at Fogo Island Arts in remote Newfoundland, Canada. In collaboration with teachers, parents, local architects, and builders I am designing a new model of pedagogical engagement specific to Fogo Island, one that could be adapted to address other rapidly changing communities in Canada, North America or beyond. Fogo Island and the nearby Change Islands continually redefine the notion of an experimental community. Given a recent experiment to revitalize the economy and the connection to architecture, I am developing a platform for youth on the island to contribute to the dialogue concerning these changes.

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